Immigration Training

Our immigration services consist of both expert consulting as well as giving the skills to allow people to be able to take care of the necessary tasks by themselves. They include:

Since we are a Canadian company, most of our experience and specialisation deals with immigration to Canada. Our Canadian consultants are the most experienced Canadian immigration consultants in Harbin. We constantly keep up to date with Canadian government legislation and regulations. And, of course, nobody knows more about Canada than Canadians.

We have a 100% success rate in helping people to immigrate to Canada!

However we can also help with immigration to other countries.

This is because what people have the most difficulty with when trying to immigrate is knowing what the immigration officials expect and how to best answer questions, both on application forms and in interviews.

Because these kinds of problems deal with issues related to differences between Chinese and Westerners, we can also provide assistance in those areas related to most Western countries.