Becoming a Canadian

Although you can apply for Canadian citizenship until you have lived in Canada for at least three years, you can be thinking about what it means from the moment you arrive. Canadians believe that Canada is a special place. Most Canadians agree with the United Nations that Canada is the best country in the world in which to live.?

To obtain Canadian citizenship, you will have to demonstrate a deep commitment to this country.

The rights and responsibilities of citizenship

For many newcomers, this gift of citizenship, this special sense of belonging, is a goal that guides much of what they do every day. It involves pride. A belief in equality and diversity. Respect for others. It means accepting the shared values that make Canadians who they are, and respecting both the rights and the privileges of being Canadian. Canadian citizenship is precious and respected. Citizenship is a contract between you and your country, to share in the rights and privileges citizenship offers, and to fully carry out the responsibilities that go with it.

How to apply

To obtain information and an application kit to become a Canadian citizen, contact a CIC Call Centre. For the telephone number, refer to the section: Basic Services: Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Call Centres.