Pay Phones

You may want to use a public telephone when you are out, or before you get your telephone installed. There are many pay telephone booths set up on city streets, in shopping malls, in airports ?anywhere there are lots of people. You pay for these telephone calls as you use the telephone. For local calls, you put in 25 cents (this charge may vary in some provinces) and make your call. You should have the right number of coins to put in the slot. If the call is long distance, you will need to put in more money (coins) as you go along, and an operator, or the message across the screen on the pay telephone, will tell you how much. Make sure you have lots of coins with you!

Eventually, you may want to get a calling card from a telephone company. This card allows you to dial in a special code and make calls on public phones without putting in any money. These calls are then billed on your regular telephone bill at home.