Using the Telephone

Canadians like to use the telephone for communicating. They talk on the telephone everywhere ?at home, in their cars, on the street, in telephone booths. You will find that telephone books are great sources of information. Most of the important telephone numbers you need can be found in the telephone book. You will receive one from the company which installs a telephone in your home. You may also be able to pick one up from a phonecentre. Phonecentres are often located in large shopping malls. There are also telephone books at the library, and where you find pay phones.

At home: You pay a basic rate each month for telephone service. This pays for all local calls. You will be charged extra for each long distance call you make. Long distance calls are made to telephone numbers outside your local area.

Away from home: Pay phones in most provinces cost 25 cents per local call, and you can find them in most public places. If you do not know a telephone number, dial 411 and ask the operator. There is a charge for using this number.