Using the Telephone

Telephone books in Canada include white, blue, and yellow pages. The white pages list home telephone numbers in and around your area, as well as some businesses. The blue pages list government numbers. The yellow pages list business numbers ?restaurants, services, stores, and so on. These are listed by subject or product.

In the front part of the telephone book you will find emergency numbers like fire departments and ambulance services. The most important number listed here is an emergency number, 911 in many provinces, which you can call for help in life-threatening emergencies.

The white pages of the telephone book list home and business numbers in alphabetical order, from A to Z, using the last name of the person listed. So look up John Smith under S, for Smith.

The blue pages of the telephone book list telephone numbers for Canadian government departments, including the federal, provincial, municipal and regional governments.

The yellow pages are found in a separate telephone book in some of the larger cities in Canada.