Keeping in Touch

Canada Post

Canada mail is handled by the Canada Post Corporation. To send mail, use a postage stamp. You can buy postage stamps at any post office. They are also sold in many drug stores, hotel lobbies, airports, railway stations, bus terminals and some newsstands. The cost of the stamp is based on the weight and size of the letter or package, and where your mail is going. When you send something to an address in Canada, remember to include the six-digit postal code for that address, and also a return address. This will speed up delivery. If you are sending something overseas, you must use the special code for that country. You can find these at a post office. Mail your letter or small package either at a post office or in the red Canada Post mail boxes you will find on streets and in shopping malls all across Canada. Take large parcels to a post office.

Canada Post offers many other services too, such as express delivery, postal money orders and insurance for very important mail. This insurance can protect your mail against loss or damage. Express delivery is more expensive than regular letter mail. Check the rates at the nearest Canada Post office. There are also private special delivery or courier services. Look these up under "ourier" in the yellow pages of the telephone book. Mail is distributed daily from Monday to Friday, except on official holidays. This includes home delivery, to post office boxes, or to community mail boxes. If you want to send a telegram, look up telegram Services in the yellow pages for more information.

Returning Resident Permits

From time to time you may wish to leave Canada to visit your relatives. If you are not a Canadian citizen, and you plan to be outside Canada for more than 183 days in a year, you will need to apply for a Returning Resident Permit. If you don't have one, you could be refused entry into Canada when you return. You could lose your permanent resident status. Before you go you should telephone a CIC Call Centre for information and an application form. Remember there is a processing fee for this service.