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Sunshine is the highest class school in Harbin and is certified as a Harbin model school. Our locations are in upscale office buildings with top quality facilities. We currently have 20+ foreign staff and 6 locations.

Our students range in age from 4 to adult with the bulk between 6 and 12. Our on-site classes are mostly for children and teenagers and have a class limit of 15 students. We also have classes for adults both on-site and at company offices. Additionally, we teach classes at one of the largest universities in Harbin. These classes average 20-25 students and normally focus on oral English. The university also has a few lecture style classes on specific subjects. The type of classes taught by each teacher depends on schedules and teacher strengths. However, most teachers teach a range of class types with 80-100% at our own branches.

If you teach at a location other than the one near your home, our drivers drive you to and from class. On the rare occasion that a taxi/subway is required, the school covers the cost.


There are lots of activities to do with your classmates, co-workers and other friends in Harbin.

Besides dinners and karaoke, there are a variety of sporting activities, from bowling and pool to badminton and ping pong. Some of us regularly go to gyms to work out and there are other activities organized by other foreigners in town.

For those less sports-inclined, there are also poker nights, movie nights and trips to the pubs or clubs.

On holidays, you can visit nearby attractions, including: skiing, hiking, rafting, and scenic locations.

Chinese and Western festivals are another good reason to celebrate.

Harbin officially has over 17 million people, one of China`s 10 largest cities. However, Chinese cities cover large areas and therefore count many people that live in outlying areas. Harbin`s city center has 10+ million.

Harbin is rich in history, having been under Russian control for many years before the founding of the PRC in 1949. Therefore, it has a mix of Chinese and Russian architecture.

Harbin has many parks to visit in the summer and unique ice and snow sculptures in the winter.

Shopping for daily needs can be done at the local shops, street markets or if you prefer you can visit one of the Western style stores such as Walmart or Carrefour. Likewise, most of your restaurant meals will be Chinese. However, if desired you can also eat at McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway or have international foods including Western style, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabian, etc.

Shopping for special Chinese products can also be interesting and fun.

Whether you`d like to meet local Chinese or people from across the globe, there are plenty of unique characters to make friends with in Harbin. A significant part of your Chinese experience will be the people you become friends with and Harbin is widely considered to have the friendliest people in China.

Harbin is about 6-7 hours by train from Beijing or the seaside. An overnight sleeper train is a cheap and convenient way to travel.

Applicants must be native English speakers from: Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa.

E-mail the following to DOS.Sunshine@Outlook.com: